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Consulting & Mentoring

Ziyon Amram - Managemnt & Business Consulting | Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The need for a strategic change typically arises after identifying gaps in the organization’s business environment that affect growth. These could be knowledge and capability gaps or performance gaps in the whole organization or in one of its operating units. By utilizing  professional tools and viewpoints in a strategic process - I will help you lead the organization back to growth.

Ziyon Amram - Managemnt & Business Consulting | Product Strategy

Product Development

New Product Development (NPD) is one of the organization’s most critical processes, be it a single-product start-up or a multi-product corporation. In moving from conceptual design to development I will help your team implement processes of continuous improvement, enabling reduced cost, shorter time to market and higher quality.

Ziyon Amram - Managemnt & Business Consulting | Sales to Enterprise Markets

Sales to Enterprise Markets

Selling products to business customers (B2B) especially in enterprise markets is a long and complex process requiring domain expertise, understanding of corporate decision making, and customer-focused action plan. For example, in technology products the typical client is the IT organization and an effective strategy includes identifying technical stakeholders who can assess the technology, organize a POC and promote a business offering to the CIO. 

Ziyon Amram - Managemnt & Business Consulting | From Idea to Start-up

From Idea to Start-up

Turning an innovative technological idea with a business potential into an active operation requires going through several critical stages that must be done in the most professional way. As an industry veteran and an investor, I am very familiar with these barriers and will help you cross them and get you ready for first investors

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