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Invest in Israeli Innovation

Ziyon Amram - Managemnt & Business Consulting

Ranked 1st in the world for innovative capacity and entrepreneurship and having the highest concentration of engineers and PhDs per capita in the world - Israel's creative, skilled, and motivated workforce is one of the most obvious reasons leading executives and investors turn to Israel to do business. Most leading technology companies (e.g. Microsoft, Google, Intel, SAP, GM and many others) have major R&D sites and innovation centers in Israel while many Israeli-based companies (e.g. CheckPoint, Mobileye, Waze, Amdocs, ...)  have grown from startups into global leaders in key technology domains.

Consider to invest in Israeli innovation?  Look no further. Whether you are looking for expanding your business, searching for inspiring new technologies, looking to set up an R&D site or innovation center or simply looking for attractive investment opportunities; whether it’s in domains such as Automotive & Smart Transportation, New Media & Internet, Cyber Security, Robotics & Smart Manufacturing or Financial Technology - Israel’s leading ecosystems have much to offer, and I can help you find and connect to the best opportunity for your need.

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